Ohiki hens usually begin to lay eggs at 6 months of age. It depends above all on season they hatch, temperature and duration of the light phase. By manipulating with these factors combined with appropriate nutrition we can stimulate the beginning of egg-laying.

Purebred hens are poor layers. They lay a dozen to several dozens of eggs which should be cream to light brown. Sometimes there is a brown markings. Unfortunately, some lines lay eggs with white shell. My selection also refers to that feature.

Size of the eggs varies. On the picture you can see first and next eggs laid by the same hen. Difference in size is significant. Next eggs are repetitive. Their weight varies at about 30 grams. Eggs chosen for  hatching should be well-formed and without any faults.

Laying and hutching temperature and also humidity are the same as by other poultry breeds. According to my observations the biggest percent of hatched eggs can be achieved by natural breeding. Ohiki are difficult in breeding when it comes to hatching. There is a big percentage of unfertilized eggs.

Also the percentage of correctly hatched chicks is low; in my case it was high - about 80% by natural process of hatching. A chicken takes 20 - 21 days after incubation to hatch. It happened couple of times that eggs were hatched in 17 - 19 day. Unfortunately, there are chickens with congenital disorder not caused by the incubating conditions.


Hatched chickens undergo infection prevention program
that I modified.
They are regularly dewormed.
Despite of troubles connected with raising chickens
I try to do wide range of prevention.

This is a very important activity in a rational breeding process. The knowledge of origin allows to  mate birds and get the required feature. Marking eliminates mistakes connected with coincidental mating. It also allows to set pedigrees for particular breeding lines.

Putting on the rings (cockerels no. 13, pullets no. 11) due to uneven growth of little chickens should be done after they are 2-3 months of old.


Jaroslaw Mazur

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