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My story with the breed began in 2006. At first an Ohiki cock moved in into our house. Literally "into our home" - near to the fireplace in the living room that had been renovated that time. Probably it was the only bird of that breed in Poland at that point. I bought him from the breeder with a nickname "Iga".

I tried to find another Ohiki chickens in my country, but without result. In December 2006 at The European Show for Poultry, Pigeons, Rabbits, Cavies and Birds in Leipzig I bought a cock and two hens from Mrs. Wilma Osterwind (the president of the European Ohiki Breeder Club). They joined the cock I had bought before and they created the breeding lines. Those were golden neck birds.

I got the next golden neck hens from Austria, Belgium and Switzerland. Having couple of breeding lines I could rationally breed chickens and do selections and mating to get the perfect birds of breed. The following pictures in the photo gallery show exterior changes of birds in my breeding. The first one was not quite a typical cock, but he will always be THE FIRST ONE!!!

My next goal was to get more silver neck hens, but they were hard to find because of difficulties due to small number of population in that color variety. I have got them since 2010. I bought my first birds of that color variety from Mr. Helmut van Briel and so my story with "the silver ones" began. Currently there are several lines both gold and silver neck Ohiki birds in my farming. They are delightful because of their appearance and behavior.

In 1947 Ohiki were declared to be Nature's Living Statue in Japan.

Jaroslaw Mazur


Jaroslaw Mazur

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